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Jacksonville Center – ZJX

As some of you have noticed on LiveATC, I have removed Jacksonville Center (ZJX) from the local feed. Several of the local pilots that monitor KTLH frequencies said that ZJX was basically taking over the feed with the amount of activity on those frequencies.
Later this week, I’ll be adding the second feed with CJX frequencies. I may try to separate the audio to use Left & Right channels instead of one feed using stereo so that you may be able to monitor both feeds on your computer. I’ll have to test that out.
I’ll also be upgrading the receivers from the Radio Shack scanner I was using to the local feed using an ICOM IC-A110 aircraft radio and the CJX feed using an ICOM IC-2200 two meter rig which has great AM aircraft sensitivity.


Stridsberg MCA204M multicoupler has arrived!

The 204M has arrived! For those who don’t know what the heck this is, the 204m will allow up to 4 radios or scanners to be hooked up to one antenna and isolated from one another. Along with installing the Stridsberg, I’ll be upgrading some of the hardware:

  • Upgrading the KTLH audio feed from the Radio Shack Pro-2026 scanner to an Icom IC-A110 mobile aircraft radio that I’ve mentioned in a previous post.. This is the bad boy of current aircraft radios.
  • Upgrade to a second feed providing the Jacksonville Center (ZJX) remote Tallahassee frequencies. This will allow you to follow aircraft 10,000 feet plus that are flying through the ZJX area e.g. Miami to Atlanta. Lots of “high flying” activity on these frequencies.
  • Upgrading the station computer from the lousy Dell GX-150 (512kRam, 10GIg HD!!) to a Zotac MAG HD-ND01 mini PC running Win7. As you are probably aware, the Dell has been going offline quite a bit recently due to hardware & software issues. The Zotac is ready to be put in service.
  • On the horizon, I plan on replacing the 20 year old feedline going up the tower and swapping the dual band antenna for an actual antenna that is cut for the airband. This will help cover the aircraft communications on the ground and some of the low power transmitters at the airport. This will happen sometime this summer.

Right now the KTLH audio feed is playing through both speakers when you are monitoring the feed through My plans are to have the local KTLH feed on the left channel and the ZJX feed on the right channel. This way you can run both feeds if you like.

I’ll plug the yahoo group… if you want to discuss the KTLH streaming audio, join the Yahoo group by going here