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Website back up…

I killed the website by removing some of the old wordpress files that my provider said posed a security risk. Instead of just doing a WP upgrade, I manually deleted some of the files… and you probably noticed that happened. I killed the site with the exception of the front page.

Things are back to normal now.


Welcome to the KTLH Monitoring Station


Welcome to the KTLH monitoring station. This site will update my listeners on what is happening at the K4TLH monitoring station.

What is a monitoring station? I provide a live audio feed of the KTLH Tallahassee Regional Airport frequencies to LiveATC.Net. You can click on the Monitoring Station link in the menu to see what the station setup is comprised of. LiveATC.NET is a free site that allows you to tune into airport traffic from all over the world from your web browser. There is also a low cost app available for the Android platform as well as the Ipad/Iphone platform.

You can click here to visit the KTLH page to listen to local audio.

LiveATC does have listener forums, including one for feed operators to post maintenance issues. I think most listeners probably don’t go to the forums and I believe that this site will keep local folks better informed as to what is happening with the monitoring station.

I’ll be posting anything that happens to the station including computer maintenance, scheduled downtimes, unscheduled downtimes etc. There is alot that is going on behind the scene (especially my flaky computer) and I hope to keep everyone informed on a timely basis.