KTLH – Monitoring Station

At the suggestion of a pilot friend (N4143U, Piper Archer III) of mine, I started steaming audio from the Tallahassee Regional Airport, KTLH. Currently streaming Tower, Arrival, Departure and Gound frequencies. There is an android and IPhone app for the streaming from LiveATC.net. You can also listen live via your browser, Java or MP3 player. Here is the link to the KTLH page.

I’m about 3 air miles due north of KTLH and I can pick up aircraft on the Ground most of the time. My goal is to get my setup to pick up Ground 24/7 since Ground is the worst case scenario as far as receiving is concerned.

Currently the setup is a is:
Radio Shack Pro-2026 scanner
Diamond X-50 2/440 antenna @ 75 feet.
Streaming software provided by Dave @ LiveATC.net

Future (real soon now) goes for changing the hardware:

  • Upgrade radio to Icom IC-A110. I have this on hand just have to install it!
  • Homemade VHF ground plane antenna cut for the middle of the air band (125-126 abouts)
  • VHF yagi cut for 122.0 Mhz for optimal Ground reception for airplanes on the tarmac. This antenna is custom made by Tim at ArrowAntennas.Com. The web page shows the 2 meter version but Tim will build air band for a nominal charge.
  • New feedline (1/2″ hardline)
  • Stridsberg MCA204M Preamp if needed after all these changes.

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